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REPLAY: XFC 37 - Friday Night Fights

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XFC 37 - Friday Night Fights

2018 MMA State of Origin, going down at XFC 37 - Friday Night FIghts

(NSW) Jarvis Wickham vs (QLD) Dom MarFan
(NSW) Dane Alchin vs (QLD) Cale Burge
(NSW) Samuel Dobb vs (QLD) Auryn Oreo Parmley

With Queensland winning the shield last year, thanks to Brooke KenrickDavid Martinez and Craig Callaghan, will the Maroons go back to back? Or will the Blues get their name on the shield for the first time?

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What this means is that we can now provide higher quality video along with quicker turnaround on Video on Demand for you. While all due care is taken to make sure that this new technology will work on as many setups as possible, we strongly recommend keeping your systems as up to date as possible. 

Also as we have moved to a higher quality stream your download speed should be minimum stable speeds of 1.5mbps to ensure lag free viewing. Please also be aware that we can only support the official PPV and VoD streams that we manage. We cannot help with pirate streams from other locations. Below is a list of supported browsers that we have tested that will work with high quality video stream that we are working with 

Supported Browsers Desktop - Chrome 30+ (has automatic updates)
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Known Issues
- The Samsung Internet browser (all version) is known for not supporting HTML5 Video. We suggest installing Chrome if possible. 

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- Due to a Bug in the original release of iOS11 there maybe playback issues that occur in iOS 11-11.3. If you are using iOS 11 please make sure your device is running iOS11.3.1 or later.

Troubleshooting : If you are having problems with the live stream not playing please do the following : 

1 - Please try one of the supported browsers as listed above. While some older browsers may work we cannot support anything older than is listed in the above list. 

2 - Due to auto playing video policy’s in most browsers the video may not automatically start. Please hit the play button and wait for approximately 5 to 10 seconds depending on your internet speed. 

3 - If the video doesn’t start and you are on one of the supported browsers as listed above please press the “d” button on the keyboard and copy the debug report to the form below, along with any information about the device that you are watching on, internet speed and any other information that may be of use.

 Please also include the email address and the receipt number from the purchase as well. This information will then be used to to troubleshoot the issue. 

  4 - Please do not try to contact the promoter of the event directly. There is no guarantee that they will be able to troubleshoot the issue over the phone or facebook messenger. The only support line that can be used will be the email address
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